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Re: [open-cobol-list] Re: MinGW Port (Request and Question) (Peg)

From: Peg(Free)
Subject: Re: [open-cobol-list] Re: MinGW Port (Request and Question) (Peg)
Date: Wed Dec 7 06:50:39 2005
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>> 2.libcob/byteswap.h
> Although, as I said, I can not reproduce this,
In the version with an old header and library,
it cannot be reproduced. I am using
mingw-runtime-3.9 and w32api-3.5.

> Quite simply ...
> So, do echo something > somefile
> What is the actual contents of "somefile" ?
> echo something > somefile
Output result in MSYS

Has the line feed code of OpenCOBOL been matched
to this result? I think that it is correct.

The reason why I stuck to "CR+LF" is that it is pointed
out by the user that other COBOL compilers that operate
with Windows become "CR+LF".

> I will accept corrections for MinGW
> but I will NOT actively test this.
> I do and will continue to do test Cygwin.
OK. There is no problem.

# I feel that it is always inferior compared with Linux(or Cygwin)
# though I have distributed the MinGW version several times in Japan.
# However, I want to offer the better at the same time.

Thank you for the correction and the answer.

Shigeyuki Kanbe
Peg, PegStyle mailto:address@hidden

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