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[open-cobol-list] problems using subscript

From: Jose Vilmar Estacio de Souza
Subject: [open-cobol-list] problems using subscript
Date: Mon Jan 2 09:18:09 2006

Hi all.
I can not compile the following program. It seems that when I use a subscript like (1,2), the indexes 1,2 are treated as an unique number. Note in the program that I'm using the phrase "decimal-point is comma".

      identification division.
      program-id. t1.
      environment division.
      configuration section.
      special-names. decimal-point is comma.
      data division.
      working-storage section.
      77 ix pic 99.
      01 table-1.
          03 tab-x occurs 10 times.
            05 tab-y occurs 10 times.
              07 xy pic 9999.
      procedure division.
          move 1 to xy(1,2).
          move 2 to xy(1, 3)
          move 3 to xy(1,4).
          move 5 to xy(ix, 5)
          move 7 to xy(ix,8).

When compiling the program I'm geting the following errors.
address@hidden vilmar]$ cobc -m t2.cob
t2.cob:14: Error: 'xy' requires 2 subscripts
t2.cob:16: Error: 'xy' requires 2 subscripts
t2.cob:18: Error: '8' is not integer value
address@hidden vilmar]$

Inserting a space after the ',' used to separete the subscripts solve the problems.


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