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[open-cobol-list] Re: error when compiling OC from a directory with spac

From: Roger While
Subject: [open-cobol-list] Re: error when compiling OC from a directory with spaces in its name
Date: Thu Jan 12 10:26:01 2006

I wrote :
> Yes, this is a problem with autoconf/libtool.
> As my Cygwin installations are all under
> one-word user names, I did not hit this.
> Work around under Cygwin (I think) :
> cygpath $(cygpath -d "$*")
> You can put this command into your Cygwin
> startup/login script.
> There may be other problems; I will check this
> out in the next couple of days.

Naa, that doesn't seem too work.
Anyway, started a discussion on the libtool mailing list.
Result is "too difficult - not planned".

So, cannot see anything we can do from the OC side.
Alternatives :
a) Install Cygwin in it's own directory directly under a
windows partion eg. C.\cygwin
Under this there will be a "home" directory.
Create the (no included spaces!) user under "home".
(This is how I always have done Cygwin/user installs)

b) Use the Cygwin mount facility to map the directories.
Install using the mapped drives.


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