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[open-cobol-list] Oc development.

From: studiok
Subject: [open-cobol-list] Oc development.
Date: Sat Jan 14 03:02:02 2006
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I think that oc is near to act as a stable production compiler.
All messages I recently received from list, however, are relative to:
numbers > 18 digits. (do they exist?);
paths whith spaces inside (parhaps 11th commandment?);
rarely used IMB cobol parameters;
and so on.
On the contrary, same essentials features: alternate keys, split-keys and keyboard function-keys have not been implemented yet. I belive that cobol still exists because IT HANDLES DATA like no other language does. That is why I belive that keys handling is THE PRIORITY. User interfaces comes soon after. I actually build my GUIs in Tcl directly from cobol ( it is not but plain text ).
But do not know what to do with disk-data i-o.
How can I help to work on it?
I really belive that, if we wish to have a really operating open-source compiler we have to hurry up untill people working on it still have time. If not so, it might happen what has happened to tiny-cobol.

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