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Re: [open-cobol-list] OC issues (more)

From: John R. Culleton
Subject: Re: [open-cobol-list] OC issues (more)
Date: Tue Jan 17 16:25:03 2006
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On Tuesday 17 January 2006 06:55 pm, Bill Klein wrote:
> Sorry John, but this is NOT a syntax error (according to the '85 ANSI
> Standard).  See (among other places), the Substantive Change on Page
> XVII-42
> which states,
> "(8) Uniaueness of reference (1 NUC). A user-defined word need not be
> unique or be capable of being made unique unless referenced."
>    ***

So it is not a syntax error, merely a sin. We always had a way to
qualify data fields when copied in,  The use of copy statements
for procedural code is a quaint actvity that I have never seen in
practice. So one more left-handed red-haired Senegalese shortstop
generates yet another exception to the exception to the

The last sensible standard was 74, and that was in some
significant ways a regression from 68. Now we have the ultimate
exercise in oxymoronity, object oriented COBOL, a clear case of
making a sow's ear from a silk purse. Fortunately no one has
completely implemented it yet. 

GMH is turning over in her grave, poor dear.  

John Culleton CDP
(Certified Dumbass Programmer)

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