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[open-cobol-list] OC runtime enhancement needed

From: Sergey Kashyrin
Subject: [open-cobol-list] OC runtime enhancement needed
Date: Thu Jan 19 15:57:04 2006


There are couple of things which usually needed for me from Cobol (or OS) to 
build our system in a more reliable way.
The first thing of course is an errors/exceptions handling

Microfocus Cobol (on all platforms), as well as Fujitsu on Win32 are providing 
some additional functions:
CBL_ERROR_PROC allow to install (or remove) your "Cobol error handler" which 
can be written in C/C++
CBL_EXIT_PROC allow to install/remove "Cobol EXIT handler" which usually not necessary for me but in the case of Fujitsu on UNIX where they missed CBL_ERROR_PROC.

Other platforms have their own ways to install handlers -
    CEEHDLR on mainframe,
   #pragma exception_handler on AS400

On unix of course I'm catching signals, but in the case of OC, OC runtime is doing that, so it might bring the conflict between OC handler and my own.

Other than that, in MFocus the handler installed via CBL_ERROR_PROC is getting 
the full Cobol runtime error message as a string,
so it can write that to the log or do some analysis and possible "longjmp" 
(MFocus even has coblongjmp)

What do you think, is it a good idea to implement those 2 functions (or at 
It is not a big deal to do, so I'm thinking to do that anyway.

Any alternative ideas ?


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