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Re: [open-cobol-list] Kate Cobol syntax highlighting - here's a cobol.xm

From: Bob
Subject: Re: [open-cobol-list] Kate Cobol syntax highlighting - here's a cobol.xml file
Date: Tue Feb 21 07:13:06 2006
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I was using it this morning and found a couple of errors (figures).  It now 
handles paragraph names when followed by SECTION. (I usually just use the 
period to terminate the paragraph name and just ran into someone else's 
program that had "myparagraph Section." all over).  I fixed that a minus sign 
by itself wasn't being highlighted as an operator like +, etc.  I also got 
rid of some stray tabs that had gotten in there from using another editor, 
and reformatted a few long lines (I like to print my code occasionally).

I attached it as a gzip file this time to save space.
On Tuesday 21 February 2006 12:35 am, Bob wrote:
There is a Cobol highlighting file for JEdit, a nice Java editor.  I usually 
use XEmacs, but sometimes it is nice to just jump in and use Kate.  So, since  
I had today off, I started with the JEdit Cobol file and created one that 
works in Kate.  I hope this helps.

Attached is my new cobol.xml highlighting file for Kate.  I haven't tested it 
all that much but it seems to work for some large MicroFocus programs I'm 
working with.  It handles col 1-6 as comments (since MF allows anything 
there, not just line numbers), col 73-80 as comments, embedded SQL sections 
are highlighted, paragraphs are highlighted, and the usual keywords and 
functions.  The only thing I know of that it maybe should do that it doesn't 
is to handle line continuations (using the dash '-' in col 7), but none of 
the code I've seen in years uses that, anyway.  Any string literals that 
extend over one line using the continuation are going to confuse the 
highlighting and later sections of code may be all messed up.

When I get a chance, I'll test a bit more, and then see about getting it added 
to the official list of Kate highlighters.  Or, if anyone else cares to do 
this for me, by all means go for it.

Bob Willan
On Sunday 19 February 2006 08:49 pm, Robert Keane wrote:
Does anyone have or know where to get a cobol.xml file that will work 
with KDE's Kate editor.

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