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[open-cobol-list] CVS Update 20060506

From: Roger While
Subject: [open-cobol-list] CVS Update 20060506
Date: Mon May 8 10:45:00 2006

CVS Updated
Snapshot tarball (AKA prerelease) at:

Whole bunch of changes.

The default for compiling when neither "-x"
nor "-m" is specified is now to produce a module.
Warnings are still produced, however, these will
be removed for the final release.
That means that "-m" is the default.
This conforms to MF/ACU behaviour.

Fix configure generation of default include path.

Fix usage of ZERO, SPACE in CLASS clause.

Allow 78 levels (Note at the moment implemented as fields)

Add "CPY" and "cpy" to automatically detected copy extensions.

Accept CONSOLE [IS] CRT syntax.

Fix usage of GCC 2.xx.

Allow underscore '_' in user names (2002 standard)

Allow sign-ebdic and sign-ascii20 in config files
(see below EBCDIC machine)


Fix an INSPECT problem; we were bloating memory on
repeated INSPECT statements.

Change the infrastucture for screen elements for future support.

Put in preliminary support for extended accept/display syntax (screen)

Optimization of integer compare/add/subtract

Changes to support native EBCDIC machines (Thanks Sergey)
(Note - ongoing, problems with support software - BDB, GMP)

Allow non-referenced paragraph names within a section
(or within a program without sections)

Put in the infrastructure to allow partial expressions in
the WHEN clause of EVALUATE
(This is NOT yet completed)
(Thanks to Keisuke for providing the necessary parser changes)

I must here thank Sergey Kashyrin for his terrific support in making OC
really machine independent.

Well, everybody is probably (or maybe not) asking when are we
going to get 0.33.
Geez, I said about a year ago that I would aim for regular releases.
I had so many implementaion requests that it was always delayed.
(And I do have to earn my living)
There are a couple of things (famous last words) that I would like to get
in before getting 0.33 out of the door.


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