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[open-cobol-list] DB2 Express - C

From: Robert Keane
Subject: [open-cobol-list] DB2 Express - C
Date: Tue May 9 14:49:53 2006
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Hello All,

As you probably already know IBM has made their DB2 Express package available to "The Community" (read: no cost) as DB2 Express - C. This is not a time limited or feature limited product and is not restricted as to how it's used. The only limitation that I can find is that it is limited to two processors and 4GB memory.

The server and development client are available for Linux and Windows. The client, as you know, includes an embedded SQL precompiler. The database also supports Cobol stored procedures.

I have successfully installed the server and client on Fedora core 3 and the client on Suse 10.0, and tested  embedded SQL with OC running on Suse and accessing the database on Fedora core 3. The installation was a bit rocky but the forum talked about a fixpack to solve some install problems, the fixpack should be there by now.

Some links follow:

Robert Keane

DB2 Express - C Getting started page(download link to the right):

DB2 Express Forum:

DB2 Express  book:

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