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[open-cobol-list] add1tocobol Meeting Agenda for 2008-11-02 AND 2008-11-

From: Domain Admin
Subject: [open-cobol-list] add1tocobol Meeting Agenda for 2008-11-02 AND 2008-11-09
Date: Sat, 1 Nov 2008 01:26:53 -0400

Hello Everyone,

Now that the Software Freedom Day Cleveland 2008 Conference is over, I am back on track with Open Cobol and the Add 1 to Cobol project. I would like us to get together on our usual weekly schedule, not just for chatting, but to start implementing. So here are our topics for the next couple of weeks, please feel free to add your own.


We need to really get going with the documentation. Brian (btiffin) has done a lot already. I would like us to get on board together.

This is HIGH priority.

Along those lines I am considering setting up a Wiki for us so that we can all contribute. Brian is suggesting TikiWiki. I am ok with it or MediaWiki. I prefer something SMALL, that JUST gets the job done, so that when we have a cobol wiki, transferring data is seamless. But we need a solution now, so by the 9th, the decision will be made and implemented. If you have a preferred wiki NOW is the time to tell me. If MediaWiki or TikiWiki are EASY to convert data from, then fine we will go with either one.


We are chatting in IRC right now. It is being suggested that having a chat facility where folks can join in and get the latest scroll, from when they were not in the room, would be preferred. Along with that an automatic recording of the room contents for perusal online would be nice as well.



A lot of folks are creating libraries as proofs of concept for Open Cobol. We've connections now for various SQL Databases, various languages (perl, lua, and such) and other things.

I realize that a lot of folks have pet projects and we would all like to work on those. My gut tells me though, that we would get a lot more done working together as a team. So not only could our projects get done, but they could be more complete. We would have to work on them one at a time. Finish one, then as a team move to the next one.

Finishing of course means testing and documenting as well. Those of us that cannot help with writing the libraries (me) could help in this regard.

My desired goal and suggestion is that we ask, what do we need in order to be making OC our tool of choice? Obviously database connectivity, report writing, web output, search and replace, and so on. Let's decide by consensus the order of these, then do them one at a time.

A part of the goal should be that the libraries also have cobol libraries. I mean this...the needed functionality to perform the:

CALL "somelib" USING this that and the other

is written. But then COPYBOOKS are also written which can be included (COPIED) into a particular app, so that then the COBOLER can just write:


This way, it can nearly appear to be pure cobol, for the coboler.

[b]Help for Roger[/b]

I suspect that a lot of the libraries being created will already take a bit of weight off of his shoulders. But he is still looking for help on the compiler. The person needs to know COBOL and C fluently.


Now I am about ready to start setting folks up on the subversion, and hosting them on dreamhost. Additionally as mentioned we need a wiki.

But we also need a plan for how apps can be added to Of course this includes bug tracking and so on. Forums etc. Yes we could use sourceforge and perhaps will. However, our solution would allow us to own our own data. I will set up routines which will allow a person to get SQL dumps of their data, bug reports and so on. As well the code will be available. So those that eventually want to move to their own server will be able to take and run.

Sourceforge doesnt really allow us to OWN our data. I look at its advantage being advertising.


Definitely time to start getting and distributing cobol based apps.

[b]In other words[/b]

It is time to really kickstart ourselves beyond the planning and experimenting stages and really to put something cohesive together that we can all use.

The above are my opinions, please share yours.

We will be meeting on Sunday 9:00am Eastern time...:

Due to the fact that the time changes..and I am not sure when, I will be in there when my clock says 8:00am. Thus if the time is moving back..I am still there..or if it is moving forward. (These daylight savings time things always annoy me....but I will try to make sure that yall are covered)

Joseph James Frantz
Regular add1tocobol meetings:
Channel: #add1tocobol
Access from the web:
Date: Sundays
Time: 9:00am Eastern

::::::::NOTE IMPORTANT::::::::::
There has been some confusion as to the time. I believe this is because the United States uses Daylight Savings Time. On top of this the Government recently extended the dates that EDT (eastern daylight time) would run. So to be sure that you make it at 9am Eastern, I have this link:

That shows the time in New York City at the moment of viewing. It also explains the current UTC offset for the Eastern Zone in the United States. Simply compare the current time that site states, with your current time and you will know how far off we are from you.

We're there all of the time, even when we do not have a meeting. Stop on by for Open Cobol Support and chat.

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