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Re: [open-cobol-list] I'd like to contribute to OC

From: studiok
Subject: Re: [open-cobol-list] I'd like to contribute to OC
Date: Tue, 06 Jan 2009 09:37:45 +0100
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My name is Marcello Marsile
I as well work in a little firm giving administration services in Italy.
We have 4.000.000+ of cobol code running in Microfocus.
I have been following open cobol's growing from it's beginning (Keishure's time. I hope I wrote his name correctely). I never decided to port our sources to open cobol as I found it has never had a valid indexed file handler (in particular xopen split keys handling and client-server sharing) nor functions keeys handling. In the past I wrote a few cobol routines for automatic cobol screen-sections to tcl sources translation. Tcl's (I leave them in source and not compiled) are just a system (wiish, tclkit, freewrapplus) call from cobol receiving and returning data from and to a set of small line sequential files handled by cobol programs which do all validation, computation and handling.. I find Ulf's idea is great and I am willing to post my screen-section to tcl sources. This could be a good wake-up for "sleeping open cobol" and, perhaps, someone else could be interested in adding other interesting things. My languages are cobol, tcl and a C. If Ulf needs help, I could try and see if I am able to give some.

Ulf Dambacher ha scritto:

My name is Ulf Dambacher, I work in a small firm selling tools. We have 315.000+ lines of cobol code running and I want to port it from ACUcobol to Open Cobol.
I found version 1.1 is fit for this, with two little drawbacks:
a really open source solution for indexed files
and client-server file sharing.

This is where I started: I wrote an external file handler for indexed files to map them to a postgresql table. The first version works by storing keys and data in in separate columns of the table (data in a binary blob). I'm thinking of implementing on the fly record<->table-column conversion, which would enable OC to share database with other non key sequential programs (e.g. a web frontend) written in other languages.

Now I'd like to ask if I can contribute such a thing and may be do a little polishing work on libcob/fileio.c?

Who else uses external file handlers and what do you think?


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