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[open-cobol-list] XEmacs vs Emacs - with OpenCOBOL

From: Bill Klein
Subject: [open-cobol-list] XEmacs vs Emacs - with OpenCOBOL
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2009 03:59:04 -0600

(Posted in the Forum and sent to the list)

As part of my effort (one step forward, two steps back) toward getting
OpenCOBOL up and running under Windows XP (using Cygwin) in a "user-friendly
- to me -way", I have been trying to find a reasonable COBOL-sensitive

When I installed VIM it comes up in a pretty-ugly "text mode" while when I
installed Emacs, I can't even get it to come up. (I think these have to do
with my failures to get rxvt working and what "terminal" type and stuff
Cygwin gives me by default.)

On the other hand, XEmacs seems to give me a "reasonable" editor.
Therefore, I have been working to get "cobol-mode" to work.  

When I started this, I didn't know that there is a "serious difference of
opinion" between the Emacs and XEmacs environments. (If not open war, then
at least silent hostilities between their developers).

So now that I am part way thru getting XEmacs to work in a COBOL-sensitive
way, my question is:

Do existing OpenCOBOL users use:
 - Emacs? (at least some of the time, but never XEmacs)
 - XEmacs? (at least some of the time, but not Emacs)
 - (mostly other editors)
 - both?
 - some other answer (not included above)?

If no-one uses XEmacs, then my guess is that my current project isn't really
that useful. (For my personal use, I can happily use my Windows COBOL editor
and just "dos2unix" the output).

If, on the other hand, there is some interest in (and/or use of) XEmacs, I
will continue my current work.

Comments? Input?

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