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Re: [open-cobol-list] OC_GTK help

From: Michael
Subject: Re: [open-cobol-list] OC_GTK help
Date: Fri, 10 Jul 2009 20:07:29 -0500
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David Essex wrote:
If you have the screen extracts, then you can choose what ever toolkit
you wish (winForms, GTK, web-interface, ...).
True, but I need to choose wisely, because I'd rather write it one time.
However, I don't think that a platform-independent solution for the screen extracts is available.
Yeah, the screen extract must run on the HP3000 platform, it does use some HP3000 intrinsic functions that are not found anywhere else. However, if I create listener process on the HP3000, to wait for socket connections . Then, a client process from any platform could connect to that socket on the HP3000 and receive a list of available forms files, then request a form to be sent seamlessly from the HP3000 to the client in `.glade` XML format. If the client is using OpenCobol and GTK+ it would be platform-independent, right?
Perhaps an alternate approach would be to use the screen extracts to generate platform-dependent code.
The rest of the COBOL code should be platform-independent, in theory.

BTW, I did find this Vala web-site 'Loading User Interface from XML File' [1] by chance.

On a side note, Vala looks very interesting.
No screen painter with the IDE, yet.
The Vala code looks like Java or C# and generates C/C++ for GTK/GTK+.
Add a Perl Parrot [2] like back-end and you would have a Mono replacement.
Vala is still beta, but I may use it to generate the c code to get started on the wrapper.

Michael wrote:
Good info David, thanks again. I still think GTK maybe the path of least resistance for HP3000 to Linux screens, even though Qt maybe more portable. I guess I've chosen GNOME over KDE. I still need to look more into Vala, as it generates C code for GTK, and intergrates with gedit, and IDE's like Anjuta and Eclipse.

As far as the HP3000; The HP3000 is cousin to the AS/400, I heard rumors long ago that some of the same engineers worked on both machines prior to their conception. I've already written the screen scraper for the HP3000 screens. It does not technically scrape screens, what it does is read the source forms files on the HP3000 and extracts the meta data then exports it to various file formats, one being XML. What I need now is an API that will be able to function like the API on the HP3000, wrapping the new HP3000 forms API around the GTK (or whatever) API. The only objects on these screens are data fields, static text, and function keys (buttons). Besides blinking text, most of it should be very simple. So I was thinking that I could make this XML file match the glade XML namespaces, and then the GTK API would handle the rest....

1) Vala: 7:Loading User Interface from XML File

2) Parrot 1.3.0 - Home

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