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Re: [open-cobol-list] Problem building on tinycore linux

From: Vince Coen
Subject: Re: [open-cobol-list] Problem building on tinycore linux
Date: Sat, 14 Aug 2010 14:21:44 +0100
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On Saturday 14 Aug 2010, Bruce M. Axtens wrote:
> G'day everyone,
> I tried making open-cobol 1.1 on tinycore Linux.
> I have a few problems. Sorry in advance for the long post. There's a
> config.log and a typescript of the make session. Thanks in advance for
> advice.

Have you followed the instructions in the readme files to install the 
additional packages that are required as well as all the development packages 
that relate to them and the GCC tools?

As a lot of the error messages do imply that you are missing various 


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