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Re: [open-cobol-list] Web server resources etc?

From: Patrick
Subject: Re: [open-cobol-list] Web server resources etc?
Date: Fri, 08 Mar 2013 12:12:24 -0500
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Hi Brian, Hi Jim, Hello Fred and Hello Robert :)

I have received great help on and off list with this, thanks!

I read through the forums for a couple hours last night trying to piece things together. It looks like Jim has been super generous in the past with providing a kick ass server to support development.

I found some code related to interfacing with mysql.

However I am still mixed up though about what a other peoples Cobol "web stacks" look like.

For instance has anyone written a Mod Cobol module for Apache?
Or Is Cobol being used as another layer on top of a framework like Rails?

My problem domain is very strange and would take too much time to read in detail about but in a nutshell:

I have been servicing scientific instruments for 14 years. I can figure out what command the instruments will respond to without the help of the original manufacturer. I have been trying to come up with many strategies to provide software to labs to control their instruments and process data but there are many problems in coming up with the right model to do this and I have been struggling on and off for years.

I am now thinking about proving a pay-per-command code generating/emitting website that will emit code(probably a dynamic language) the labs can use to control their instruments locally. The price would vary depending on how much of the instruments "command set" was needed. They would input their scientific method into the website in order to come up with this information for the program and billing system.

Everything can be open source this way but I will also me able to retain some of the unused commands from the "command sets" the customers didn't need to pay for, slowing down potential competitors who won't have complete sets.

So I can do this is a variety of ways and I am open to working in ways that will help the community. I am pretty poor right now but I can also throw everything I have at this, there is a huge market and I have been struggling to capitalize on it.

What sort of stack is being used and what would work best for everyone? It looks like Hitachi uses Cobol with Java. I don't know any Java but I could learn. Would "piggy-backing" on a Java framework be good what about something more dynamics like Python or Ruby?

If Mod Cobol is needed, could I write this cased on Mod C ?

Any feedback or guidance is appreciated.

I am in some trouble and have to focus on adverting an audit and have bunch of orders to ship, I might be slow responding but I am very excited about this-Patrick

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