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[open-cobol-list] opening files without hardcoding full paths ?

From: Patrick
Subject: [open-cobol-list] opening files without hardcoding full paths ?
Date: Mon, 05 Aug 2013 10:30:55 -0400
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I was having so much trouble with Linux this past year or so but I have now switched to Centos and I am really happy again. I can have good'ol gnome 2 and lots of old stable packages until 2020 !

On my 60 GB drive Centos only leaves 5GB in the partition that has /home. I made a new folder in the root partition, /pat, and I am working out of this instead of changing the Centos defaults.

I have to now change all of the code that had /home/patrick coded in.

I am now learning to use the -I flag to look for copybooks but this does not appear to work for files to open, they appear to need a full path. I have noticed this in all the code I can remember reading, do we just have to code in the full path on the files we want to open?

It would be nice to have a flag to adjust in one place, maybe one day I can code this if it's not there. I will still need a few more months to feel comfortable enough with C to try anything with the source code though.

BTW I am not afraid of C++ anymore. I have come to realize that it's the C and not the ++ part that is scariest. I am reading a book on advanced use of pointers, hopefully after this, everything will be clear.

Please forget about the whole librecobol thing I brought up a while ago.


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