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[open-cobol-list] howto contribute with syntax oddities

From: Wim Niemans
Subject: [open-cobol-list] howto contribute with syntax oddities
Date: Fri, 8 Jan 2016 19:22:52 +0100

Starting with serious gnuCobol, I do encounter a few oddities with the syntax that gnuCobol does allow.
So, f.i. there is DISPLAY OMITTED BELL (to beep only), which is known I do believe.

My cobol software dates back to 1983 and moved from ANSI 74 to 85, being migrated from msCobol, nevada Cobol, RM cobol to acuCobol with trips to IBM cobol and MF. It is heavily seeded with al kinds of screen features, calls and chains and cancel.
I’m doing a migrate to gnuCobol now and will publish the code as open source when done.

Now, these oddities that I find, where can I post them so that developers can make up their mind and decide to accept, deny or amend the syntax tree ?
It’s not that I expect tough discussions but see this merely as my 2 cents.

A preview:

ACCEPT abc WITH no beep update
  generates the error "unexpected BELL". (no beep is used to avoid the beep to signal that input is requested).

  generates the error that "there is no AT clause".

The clauses AT and WITH seem to have a fixed sequence; this leads to burying screen positions in statements. For documentation purposes I do have the AT clause always at the end. Screen positions are famous to heavy changes.

The words AT and/or WITH are mandatory?

  is different than “standard”, and is lacking a reference to the key pressed.
  —> ACCEPT …. ON EXCEPTION identifier statement
    gnuCobol ignores identifier, does not allow NEXT SENTENCE for the statement and gets confused when the statement is DISPLAY…….

wim niemans

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