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[Gnue-sb-commits] clash

From: Josephine Kirkpatrick
Subject: [Gnue-sb-commits] clash
Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2006 12:26:40 -0200

I never can remember which of them was her last husband. Shes about as high as my knee and so thin she once blew over theharbour and back. They have taken away my lord and Iknow not where they have laid him
She always washes behind her ears now andkeeps her nails clean.
I love making jam, she said, when dad asked her why she bothered.
Well, I think you might have spoken to me about itfirst. And all the hills will be joyful together .
And she loved dads voice reading the Bible toher.
When she went back into the house Jane was her own woman again.
Aw, we didnt mean to hurt your feelings Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings . And she loved dads voice reading the Bible toher. Jane wished she could have seen it in blossom time. Beyond it sounded thelong, low thunder of the surf. A very old friend of mine, Dr Arnett,is in Charlottetown.
Id like to invite him out for supper and anight. And Aunt Irene thought it just too funny to find Janesplitting kindlings. It wasso new and gorgeous it made everything look faded and countrified. I dont know what your mother would have done without me manya time, poor child.
Ask for the old paths and walk therein and ye shallfind rest. Sposen you meet a crocodile on the side-road? And she loved the little comments hemade as he read .
All her life she was to have recurring flashesof insight when she recalled something dad had said.
You couldnt imagine goddess Helenwith a rosebud mouth, could you?

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