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Re: [Gnugeneration-discuss] May I present myself?

From: Heroid
Subject: Re: [Gnugeneration-discuss] May I present myself?
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2010 22:28:41 +0100
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Hi back...
On 12/29/2010 10:18 PM, Konstantinos Karantias wrote:
Hello there.

Fauno introduced me to the GNU Generation group, and since I've been a free
software user for more than three years, I thought it would be good to
present myself.

So, my name is Konstantinos Karantias, and my nickname is gtklocker. I'm a
15 year old student who tries to be good at school. I live in Greece, and as
you imagine things are not so good, but they're to the point I can cope

I've been using free software for more than 3 years and I still do. I find
it exciting to be in groups with other hackers so we can all together hack
on some code or be able to discuss about things. About hacking, the only
language I know is Ruby, and some noobish C.  I can't call my self a
perfectionist, but I'd like perfectionism to evolve on me over the years.
The same thing is about my hacking skills.

I try to keep up a blog (but it's obvious I'm failing) at
So, if it finally becomes something, why not coming and saying hi?

You can find me on Twitter, Identica, Freenode (IRC) with the same username.
Don't resist asking me anything. :)

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