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[gnugo-devel] gGo is no more free software :-(

From: Csillag Kristof
Subject: [gnugo-devel] gGo is no more free software :-(
Date: 01 Feb 2003 09:31:01 +0100

Hi there!

Sad news here:

gGo went closed-source. See the License session in the FAQ:

What a pity.

The GNU Coding Standards says this:
( See at )

A GNU program should not recommend use of any non-free program. We can't
stop some people from writing proprietary programs, or stop other people
from using them, but we can and should refuse to advertise them to new
potential customers. Proprietary software is a social and ethical
problem, and the point of GNU is to solve that problem.


Referring to a web site that describes or recommends a non-free program
is in effect promoting that software, so please do not make links (or
mention by name) web sites that contain such material. This policy is
relevant particulary for the web pages for a GNU package.

So maybe it's time to remove the links to gGo.
In fact those leat to Sourceforge, where an old version
of gGo is still available. It's still Free Software, but it's

Again, what a pity...

best wishes

Csillag Kristof <address@hidden>

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