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Re: [gnugo-devel] Post 3.4 cleaning

From: Trevor Morris
Subject: Re: [gnugo-devel] Post 3.4 cleaning
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2003 17:24:51 -0400

At 01:01 PM 7/7/2003 +0200, Gunnar Farneback wrote:

>There is also a number of potential candidates for cleaning which I
>propose that we keep around, at least for now:
>* experimental pattern based tactical reading
>Trevor added experimental code to do pattern based tactical reading in
>early 2002 but no work has been made on this for well over a year now.
>If I remember correctly this currently works about as well as the
>usual tactical reading but is much slower. I propose to leave it
>around for a while longer but if nobody takes interest in it, it's
>difficult to motivate why it should remain. The total amount of code
>and patterns needed by this is not insignificant.
>* tree-based pattern matching
>This was introduced by Trevor while developing the pattern based
>tactical reading code in order to speed up the pattern matching. It is
>unclear whether this is still interesting after various improvements
>of the dfa code for pattern matching. Actually I'd like to get rid of
>this code which in particular gets in the way in mkpat.c but I'm
>unsure whether it's reasonable to make the effort of trying to make
>the experimental reading independent of it. It's probably better to
>keep this around until either the experimental reading gets removed or
>someone continues the development of it and can determine the value of
>the tree-based pattern matching.

I appreciate your keeping around these bits until post 3.4.  I still think 
pattern-based reading has strong merit, but I don't foresee having 
bandwidth to pick it up again myself anytime soon.  I don't object
to its obliteration in the future if everyone else agrees.


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