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Rep : [gnugo-devel] Another cosmic patch

From: Stéphane Nicolet
Subject: Rep : [gnugo-devel] Another cosmic patch
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2003 14:36:07 +0200

> In case the original patch is OK but got broke in the mail
> you could try resending it by a different method.
> Dan

Here it is, as an attached file. Just for reference, here is
what I do to apply it by hand :

cd Go
patch -p0 < cosmic.patch

where "Go" is my directory with two sub-directories
"gnugo-3.3.23-cvs" and "gnugo-3.3.23" (my working version).
If before applying the patch "gnugo-3.3.23" is a copy of
"gnugo-3.3.23-cvs", then after applying it it has become
a cosmic version.

Compared to the patch I sent three days ago, it adds a new
function choose_strategy() that uses the score estimation
and the level of completion of the game to decide whether
gnugo should play agressively or conservatively (to keep
the lead, if any)

It also  adds a new function whose_loose_territory() to
influence.c, which is a attempt at defining something
whose_territory() and whose_moyo().
The eventual idea is to try to use whose_loose_territory()
instead of whose_territory() at some later stage in the
influence code to use the breakin reading to break into
moyos instead of just into territories. This is controlled
by the global variable "use_optimistic_territory"

As this doesn't quite works at the moment (it's very very
slow) it is not activated in the patch, but feel free to make
experiments :-)


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