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Re: [gnugo-devel] Gnu Go 3.2 possibly correctable flaw in play

From: Stéphane Nicolet
Subject: Re: [gnugo-devel] Gnu Go 3.2 possibly correctable flaw in play
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2003 17:20:12 +0200

On Fri, 25 Jul 2003 address@hidden wrote:

I noticed a possibly correctable flaw in Gnu Go 3.2 opening strategy. The SGF file below shows the problem with Gnu Go's opening. I can use the same flaw to give Gnu Go 6 stones and still win, even though I'm not that good. This trick of sacraficing a couple of stones to waste a lot of the programs stones works against Swiss Explorer and Goliath also, but doesn't work against human players. This looks to me like a straightforward flaw that might not be too
hard to fix.

Thanks for pointing this out; it is indeed a problem.  The latest
development versions are less susceptible to this, but only somewhat. You might try gnugo 3.3.23 for a stronger version; alternately, 3.4 should be
out in a couple weeks.
I'm not sure how easy to fix this will be, but it definitely needs
attention; thank you for the report.
Evan Daniel

Version 3.3.23 with the cosmic patch seems to solve the problem
in that particular game, because it puts more emphasis on creating
moyos in the beginning of the game. Look for instance at the moves
it proposes between 6 and 18 :

Move 2 (white): GNU Go plays D16 (75.00) - Game move D16 (75.00)
Move 4 (white): GNU Go plays Q5 (25.08) - Game move Q16
Move 6 (white): GNU Go plays R5 (44.98) - Game move D17 (23.21)
Move 8 (white): GNU Go plays C5 (40.41) - Game move Q17 (23.89)
Move 10 (white): GNU Go plays C5 (45.61) - Game move P18 (19.58)
Move 12 (white): GNU Go plays E12 (33.23) - Game move P16 (31.86)
Move 14 (white): GNU Go plays C12 (30.65) - Game move E18 (17.16)
Move 16 (white): GNU Go plays R12 (31.85) - Game move E16 (22.71)
Move 18 (white): GNU Go plays F12 (30.58) - Game move F17 (23.83)
Move 20 (white): GNU Go plays M17 (36.25) - Game move G18 (23.33)
Move 22 (white): GNU Go plays O12 (32.12) - Game move C12 (29.02)
Move 24 (white): GNU Go plays D12 (45.60) - Game move D12 (45.60)
Move 26 (white): GNU Go plays H11 (41.21) - Game move H17
Move 28 (white): GNU Go plays F11 (38.01) - Game move F11 (38.01)
Move 30 (white): GNU Go plays G10 (48.98) - Game move G10 (48.98)


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