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Re: [gnugo-devel] Patches for 3.8

From: Daniel Bump
Subject: Re: [gnugo-devel] Patches for 3.8
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 2008 12:55:18 -0800

A Jacqueline Go that seems vastly stronger than the last time challenged GNU
Go again in the Computer Go ladder, and this time Jacqueline won.

A second game was played with GNU Go's --monte-carlo option, and again
Jacqueline won. The small margin is misleading -- UCT players such as
Jacqueline (and gnugo --monte-carlo) tend to give up points when they
are ahead.

Here are the game records.


RU[Chinese]SZ[9]KM[7.50]TM[1800]OT[5x30 byo-yomi]
PW[DeepGnu]PB[jacqueline]DT[2008-12-22]PC[The KGS Go Server at]C[dwbump [?\]: Hi
;B[dd]BL[1767.642]C[DeepGnu [-\]: GTP Engine for DeepGnu (white): GNU Go 
version 3.7.12
;W[dg]WL[1799.478]C[dwbump [?\]: There was an accidental disconnection of 
DeepGNU for some reason - now OK
;W[ag]WL[1765.21]C[dwbump [?\]: GNU Go is playing at level 12
;W[gd]WL[1751.593]C[ibd [12k?\]: what's "deep" about it? just normal gnugo?
;W[gc]WL[1749.589]C[dwbump [?\]: it's GNU Go 3.7.12, level 12
;W[dc]WL[1747.792]C[dwbump [?\]: so the name is sort of a joke
ibd [12k?\]: OK.
dwbump [?\]: rhymes with deep blue
;W[cc]WL[1745.693]C[ibd [12k?\]: yeah.
;W[hf]WL[1743.412]C[dwbump [?\]: i think GNU Go 3.8 will be basically 3.7.12
;W[ac]WL[1741.04]C[ibd [12k?\]: have you been following the changes?
;W[ad]WL[1738.212]C[dwbump [?\]: yes
;W[ae]WL[1735.13]C[ibd [12k?\]: w is ahead one liberty
ibd [12k?\]: I think
dwbump [?\]: black can get 2 eyes
dwbump [?\]: j8
;W[gg]WL[1731.409]C[ibd [12k?\]: b needs c5?
;W[ei]WL[1728.512]C[ibd [12k?\]: c5 b2 e3 c1 f1 
;W[eg]WL[1727.869]C[dwbump [?\]: looks like b wins
;W[ih]WL[1727.199]C[ibd [12k?\]: nice
 [?\]: congratulations to jacqueline
jacqueline [?\]: thank you
jacqueline [?\]: in the beginnig it looked so bad
dwbump [?\]: maybe h4 is greedy
jacqueline [?\]: I don't know
jacqueline [?\]: I can't beet Jacqueline Go any more
jacqueline [?\]: Gnu Go neither
dwbump [?\]: b8 is a good move
jacqueline [?\]: what level played gnu go?
dwbump [?\]: Level 12. Gunnar thinks we should have used the Monte Carlo option
dwbump [?\]: which may be stronger
jacqueline [?\]: probably yes
jacqueline [?\]: Jg is a UCT programm
gunnar [?\]: Can't B8 just be answered at A8?
dwbump [?\]: yes, i guess so.
jacqueline [?\]: Jg plays G4 on A8
dwbump [?\]: would jacqueline like to try a game against gnugo's monte carlo 
dwbump [?\]: i can start that up
jacqueline [?\]: ok
dwbump [?\]: I restarted DeepGNU with --montecarlo
dwbump [?\]: if you make a challenge we can see
dwbump [?\]: (not a ladder game)
jacqueline [?\]: can we switch colors?
dwbump [?\]: I think you can do that from the challenge window
dwbump [?\]: am i right?
jacqueline [?\]: probably, but I cant find that option
dwbump [?\]: does anybody know how?
dwbump [?\]: looks like there is another match

RU[Chinese]SZ[9]KM[7.50]TM[1800]OT[5x30 byo-yomi]
PW[jacqueline]PB[DeepGnu]DT[2008-12-22]PC[The KGS Go Server at]C[DeepGnu [-\]: GTP Engine for DeepGnu (black): GNU Go 
version 3.7.12
;B[fd]BL[1799.819]C[dwbump [?\]: i had to restart
;W[dh]WL[1496.478]C[dwbump [?\]: this is quite a strange game!
;B[dd]BL[1675.643]C[dwbump [?\]: can jacqueline kill it?
;B[ce]BL[1669.015]C[gunnar [?\]: Black loses even if the top lives.
;W[ci]WL[1073.186]C[dwbump [?\]: jacqueline improved a lot
;B[ab]BL[1630.283]C[dwbump [?\]: gnu played strangely in the beginning
;B[ie]BL[1614.219]C[gunnar [?\]: Already D7 was incoherent. There's a risk it's 
from the 9x9 fuseki database.
 [?\]: jacqueline lost a few point in the endgame
gunnar [?\]: Normal for winning MC programs.
dwbump [?\]: before w was ahead by more
jacqueline [?\]: yes
jacqueline [?\]: last version had mixed in some score orientation
jacqueline [?\]: but it made it weak
dwbump [?\]: congratulations on a big improvement
gunnar [?\]: GNU Go wins more gracefully in MC mode by reverting to normal move 
generation towards the end.
jacqueline [?\]: thank you for playing
jacqueline [?\]: and for programming gnugo

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