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Re: Sameer HTL+CSS work -- New logo

From: Davi Leal
Subject: Re: Sameer HTL+CSS work -- New logo
Date: Sun, 2 Dec 2007 19:47:49 +0100
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Sameer Naik wrote:
> [3] document type is now HTML 1.0 STRICT

It is "XHTML 1.0 Strict", not "HTML 4.01 Strict".

If you want, and have time, you could take a look at the conclusion section 
of "Beware of XHTML" [1] and let this email list know if you think that 
conclusion is right:

I personally agree with such conclusion. IMHO the GNU Herds project should 
use "HTML 4.01 Strict". 

At you can see your work converted to "HTML 4.01 
Strict".  I have just modified the index.php file, which I attach. Just 10 
lines modified. See the attached index.php diff.

> pending tasks:
> [2] add logo (still haven't done that, sorry david)

No problem. We work as time allows us.

I hope finish soon the work with the skills management page, etc. to be able 
to begin to contribute to this task too :)  We can work as a team.

> i guess later we could make a collection of all these themes and allow
> users to select their own default theme.

Good idea!

> it would be logical if we could move the design to gnuherds servers, just
> to make sure we don't have multiple different versions coming out of the
> same base design and of course work concurrently of the layout
> specification.

I have created just to show the "HTML 4.01 Strict" 

IMHO, when the log-in box CSS and the logo.div be ready we must begin to merge 
the new presentation design with the current webapp:
  1. checking that it works and
  2. committing it to Git

Anyhow, if it is required we can begin the merger even sooner, due to your 
work is of great quality!

> the discussion should be regarding making
> the design take full advantage of CSS such that we should be able change
> the design by just altering the layout.css and not the requiring any
> changes on the index.php


> of other things that we need to finalize on is the names to be given to the
> div's, etc.


> at this point i'd like to bring up a new topic.
> - how about a new logo for gnuherds.
> if this is acceptable to the core gnuherds developers/managers of course.
> designers please send in your designs.

The project must be always open to discuss this and any other subject. So, 
anybody is free to propose new logos.

Your work rocks Sameer!


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