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Re: Alternative Job-index

From: Davi Leal
Subject: Re: Alternative Job-index
Date: Thu, 2 Oct 2008 22:38:14 +0200
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Dion Rasmussen wrote:
> It wouldn't exactly solve any problems, but rather make a wider layout
> for optimal user view.

IMHO, for a wider layout we should offer RSS and Atom feeds, which besides is 
a more standard method for web content syndication.  It is related to the 
below task:

  Add RSS/Atom feeds

> Nonetheless it would locate each submission for tight htaccess control
> and ease an eventual import/export syndication with other job-sites.

I propose use RSS and Atom for syndication.

About htaccess, it is not the way to go due to the htaccess file processing 
slow down Apache.

> Wouldn't it be straight and awesome to make an alternative index like
> this in perl:

> open INDEX, ">/path/to/www/index.html" or die "Can't open index $!";
> print INDEX "<H1>Job Index</H1>\n";
> $/=\123;
> while (</path/tp/submissions/*>) {
> open SUB, "<$_" or die "Can't open submission $!";
> my $subsub = <SUB>;
> print INDEX "<P>$subsub...</P>\n\n";
> close SUB;
> }
> close INDEX;

> Could be run with cron or as CGI.

About /path/tp/submissions/* , note we do not keep offers in files but in the 
PostgreSQL relational data base.  It was discussed at [1] thread.


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