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Re: Alternative Job-index

From: Davi Leal
Subject: Re: Alternative Job-index
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2008 22:23:06 +0200
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Dion Rasmussen wrote:
> An RSS script could be made the same way as the wide index script,

IMHO we can get wide content just using RSS, without anything more. We should 
avoid complexity and duplication to reduce maintenance workload.

> and htaccess doesn't have to be turned on at all locations, while being
> very secure.

IMHO htaccess should not be turned on at any location, due to:
  * it makes Apache slower, and
  * it is not needed under the current webapp architecture.

It was discussed at [1] thread.


> Ftp and nfs syndication on the other hand, is a good approach for
> large transfers; and the database layer is most probably not exactly a
> gain in response time.

I do not think the project will use NFS for syndication.

The project has not large transfers yet.

The project does not keep offers in files but in a relational data base. It 
was discussed at [2] thread.


Anyhow, IMHO it is good we follow discussing about it if it is needed. Please, 
expose any disagreement with its rationale.

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