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Re: Federico's tasks -- out of range error

From: Federico Giménez Nieto
Subject: Re: Federico's tasks -- out of range error
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2008 09:14:02 +0200
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>Note the line flagged as DEBUG.  We could add some check to know
>if the error is an out-of-range error, and then instead of:
>   $error = "ERROR:<pre> {$sqlQuery} </pre> {$r}"; // DEBUG
>   $error = gettext("Value out out range")." ".gettext("Please, try again.");
>So the webapp shows and error message which any user will understand. What do
>you think?

Ok, we could write a separate method for the PostgreSQL class that parses the $r
error message and outputs the understandable message. This method could be
expanded to parse additional error messages.

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