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Re: Next tasks

From: Davi Leal
Subject: Re: Next tasks
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2008 23:34:18 +0200
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Federico Giménez Nieto wrote:
> I could try to go on with the bug related tasks, beginning with
>   [1]
>  What do you think? How can this be reproduced?


  I propose delay the 7380 task, [1], due to we do not know how to
  reproduce it now.  We do not close such task yet because we want
  to be sure before closing it.  I propose wait at least one year
  more before closing it.

  If we manage to reproduce it, we will be able to come back on it.

  Next tasks which you could carry out:

  1. You could think about if we should realize the 7471 task [2].
     That is to say, we are not sure if it is good or not
     send a warning email to the owner of the JobOffer and

     My current personal opinion is that it is good the webapp keeps
     sending such alert to its owners too, so owners can know when
     alerts for their notices are sent to the association members.

     If nobody disagree, I propose add the above rationale to
     the 7471 task [2] and close it. 

     As you note, just sending and replying email is too another
     way to work.

  2. You could begin to help with the 7705 task [3],
     the donation-pledge-group feature.


     We could think for example if we should add support to
     divide the current description-and-comment section of the
     donation-pledge-group to get:
       * description section
       * one section for each comment, as a blog
     although there are more basic functionality pending for
     the donation-pledge-group feature.

     It would be cool if you have a Jabber ID ( or, etc.), or Yahoo, or MSN, or ... so we can chat
     a little about state of such task.  Chat is sometimes a
     better communication medium due to it is more interactive.

What do you think?

There are other tasks to do. Let me two days to add the more main to the 
Savannah task list.  As you has noted, the tasks which are pending to close 
at the task list at Savannah are just reminders, suggestions, etc. which help 
us manage the development process at the long run.  The more important tasks 
have been already closed.

Following the iterative development methodology, the proposed roadmap is now:

 Phase 1

  1. Finish the donation-pledge-group and look-for-volunteers feature.
  2. Update the translations

 Phase 2

  1. Think about if adding bank support to the webapp is or not good idea,
     convenient, etc.

 Phase 3

As usual, expose any disagreement, comment, etc.

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