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[Gnumed-announce] GNUmed 1.6.0 Feature Release

From: Karsten Hilbert
Subject: [Gnumed-announce] GNUmed 1.6.0 Feature Release
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2016 21:43:37 +0100
User-agent: Mutt/1.5.24 (2015-08-30)

Hello all,

I am glad to be able to announce the immediate availability
of the GNUmed 1.6.0 Feature Release.

        NOTE: This release requires PostgreSQL 9.2 at minimum.

Downloads available from:

Client installation:

 Easily installable packages for your platform of choice
 will be available shortly.

 Meanwhile you can run the client from a downloaded tarball
 or use the net based client installer:

 which you need to download, make executable, and run.

 More information available here:

Database installation / upgrade:

 Note that this release, as usual, DOES require a database
 upgrade (from v20 to v21) if you already have a database and
 wish to retain the patient data you documented therein.

 Also note that this release does REQUIRE Postgresql 9.2 as
 the minimum version. BEFORE upgrading your PostgreSQL
 cluster you MUST make sure to bring your existing v20
 database up to at least version v20.10 (1.5.10) by running
 the database fixup script against it:

        $> gm-fixup_server 20


        $> .../server/bootstrap/ 20

 For uprading the GNUmed database you can use the script
 provided in the tarball:

        .../server/bootstrap/ 20 21

 Alternatively, you can use the network upgrader:

 (which you need to download, make executable and run)

 If you wish to install a fresh database (without upgrading
 an existing one) you can use the install script:


 or, again, the network based installer:

 Note that both ways WILL DELETE existing databases !

 More information on installation or upgrading is found here:



        NEW: plugin: list based EMR journal
        NEW: plugin: limited PACS access (Orthanc DICOM server)
        NEW: text editor like SOAP editor (STC based)
        NEW: first cut at German AMTS medication plan
        NEW: always display select measurements in top panel
        NEW: copy-to-clipboard list content via popup menu
        NEW: region support for placeholder output
        NEW: ellipsis support for placeholder output
        NEW: placeholder $range_of$
        NEW: placeholder $ph_cfg$
        NEW: placeholder $current_meds_AMTS$
        NEW: placeholder $praxis_vcf$
        NEW: placeholder <form_version_internal>
        NEW: placeholder <form_last_modified>
        NEW: placeholder $url_escape$
        NEW: add appdata.xml
        NEW: show patient address in openstreetmap
        NEW: support for substance abuse status (nicotine, ethanol, other)
        NEW: print EMR from EMR tree
        NEW: search in EMR journal view
        NEW: copy EMR journal to export area
        NEW: tooltip in procedures list
        NEW: browse tmp dir, ~/gnumed/, ~/.gnumed/ from client
        NEW: dynamic hint on outdated / questionable EDC
        NEW: HIT risk assessment algorithm

        IMPROVED: substance intake editing workflow
        IMPROVED: shutdown with dangling top level windows
        IMPROVED: list suppressed dynamic hints in patient overview [thanks Jim]
        IMPROVED: top panel active encounter area layout [thanks Jim]
        IMPROVED: measurements plots layout
        IMPROVED: injectable placeholders: support arbitrary names if desired
        IMPROVED: placeholder nesting regexen
        IMPROVED: enable nested placeholders in text engine, too
        IMPROVED: lab_panel.most_recent_results() can now respect meta types
        IMPROVED: ignore_dupes_on_picking seems a better item picker default
        IMPROVED: overall code towards Python 3 compatibility
        IMPROVED: CODE: cIdentity(Tag) -> cPerson(Tag)
        IMPROVED: security of tmp/sandbox dir setup
        IMPROVED: do not auto-plot results from edit area
        IMPROVED: much faster access to latest vaccinations
        IMPROVED: show all selected parts at once in new-document plugin
        IMPROVED: ask whether to create metadata when saving export area 
        IMPROVED: EMR journal formatting
        IMPROVED: support deleting more than one list item at a time
        IMPROVED: put file from filename in clipboard into export area
        IMPROVED: startup shell script
        IMPROVED: procedure tooltip in patient overview Hx box
        IMPROVED: external care tooltip in patient overview problems box
        IMPROVED: tooltip in external care management list
        IMPROVED: substance intake timeframe formatting
        IMPROVED: layout of measurements plugin
        IMPROVED: properly show visual progress notes for empty issues in EMR 
        IMPROVED: support for invoking file manager on a directory
        IMPROVED: show admin SOAP in EMR tree at encounter level
        IMPROVED: ACEI/pregnancy dynamic hint
        IMPROVED: data mining SQL now wants $<ID_ACTIVE_PATIENT>$ rather than 
        IMPROVED: can now delete EDC
        IMPROVED: support documenting which organization a document originated 
        IMPROVED: workflow for disabling an identity
        IMPROVED: EMR Journal formatting of hospital stays
        IMPROVED: new-document workflow
        IMPROVED: German referral letter
        IMPROVED: include clinical reminders with EMR Journal


        NEW: require PG 9.2 because of pg_trigger_depth()

        NEW: dem.v_basic_person -> dem.v_active_persons
        NEW: prevent deletion of staff records that are in use
        NEW: smoking support in clin.patient
        NEW: constraints on audit trail to be in the past
        NEW: check for track_commit_timestamp on PG > 9.5
        NEW: chunked md5() for large objects
        NEW: backup/restore scripts based on directory format

        IMPROVED: database restore default configuration
        IMPROVED: more resilient backups
        IMPROVED: all input files now utf8 ( Py3 preps)
        IMPROVED: dem.state -> dem.region
        IMPROVED: ->
        IMPROVED: dem.urb.id_state -> dem.urb.fk_region

        FIX: pg_trgm placement and use
        FIX: trigger on clin.procedure normalizing .is_ongoing

Please download, install, and report problems !

GPG key ID E4071346 @
E167 67FD A291 2BEA 73BD  4537 78B9 A9F9 E407 1346

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