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[Gnumed-announce] GNUmed 1.6.8 "Mithlond" Maintenance Release

From: Karsten Hilbert
Subject: [Gnumed-announce] GNUmed 1.6.8 "Mithlond" Maintenance Release
Date: Mon, 1 Aug 2016 23:42:32 +0200
User-agent: Mutt/1.6.0 (2016-04-01)

Hello all,

I am glad to be able to announce the immediate availability
of the GNUmed 1.6.8 "Mithlond" Maintenance Release. It
features the following bug fixes and minor improvements:



        FIX: remove dynamic hint lacking evidence of clinical relevance
        FIX: off-by-one calculation of substance intake end date
        FIX: faulty use of $<gender_mapper>$ in Begleitbrief template
        FIX: fix EMR access deadlock in encounter display widget [thanks Marc]
        FIX: exception on non-ASCII VCF data
        FIX: exception displaying birthday/age of patient w/ estimated DOB
        FIX: list sorting by column header click

        IMPROVED: document tree orgs sort mode tooltips
        IMPROVED: file description shell script
        IMPROVED: less in-your-face default list tooltip
        IMPROVED: update AMTS Medikationsplan to 2.3
        IMPROVED: log file placement
        IMPROVED: form template EA information
        IMPROVED: logging of EMR access locking
        IMPROVED: EMR journal: show applicable dynamic hints
        IMRPOVED: ES translation [thanks Uwe]
        IMPROVED: show comm channels of org units in receiver selection
        IMPROVED: show doc sources as receiver selection candidates
        IMPROVED: letter receiver selection widget layout
        IMPROVED: logging of patient change encounter editing

        NEW: placeholder $ph_cfg::encoding::$
        NEW: blanko AMTS Medikationsplan ~2.3

Downloads available from:

Client installation:

 Easily installable packages for your platform of choice
 will be available shortly.

 Meanwhile you can run the client from a downloaded tarball
 or use the net based client installer:

 which you need to download, make executable, and run.

 More information available here:

Database installation / upgrade:

 Note that this release, as usual, does NOT require a
 database upgrade. However, fixes to the database have
 been provided which you should install with either

        $> gm-fixup_server 21


        $> cd .../server/bootstrap/
        $> ./ 21

 Related information is found here:

Please download, install, and report problems !

GPG key ID E4071346 @
E167 67FD A291 2BEA 73BD  4537 78B9 A9F9 E407 1346

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