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[Gnumed-devel] Wher to shove graphs in the GUI

From: richard terry
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] Wher to shove graphs in the GUI
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 10:41:43 +1000

In my program I had an editing area for measurements where I implemented the 
code but never got round to using it clinically for various reasons, however 
as it works, I've quckly put in some data for BP and done a few screen dumps 
for the concept.

The list you see in measurements2.png only has BP as a parameter, but others 
would appear beneath this and you would click on the one you wanted to to 
view all records of this pararameter, or view associated graphs. 

Note that much of what we want to graph will not be 'hand entered'. Eg 
pathology results for haematology and biochemistry parameters.

Also as well as a dedicated measurment input area, I think we will be 
capturing measurements in other parts or the program eg clinical notes where 
if the users enters 120/70 the program recognises this as a BP and puts it in 
the appropriate place. I suspect also we will be able to use tags to identify 
that the information following it  needs to be kept eg;
.PF =550
would be recognised as PeakFlow and Height, according to agreed convention, 
or user defined convention.

Note that the proportion of the central screen area is ideal for overlying 
display information and decision support, here showing  BP graph and a quick 

At other times eg BMI calculator the graph may be attatched to a separate 
wigit. Also for reference information such as centiles etc I will explore 
having a dedicated panel stuck to the notebook so that one would select a tab 
at the bottom of the screen.

ie. in summary - yes I'll do the measurement editing area, but in addition 
graphs will go elsewhere, probably with a page of a notebook tab at the 
bottom for the more general ones not the patient specific ones. When you have 
the data ready and some wxPython whizz has figured out the graph control, 
I'll muck round with the gui.

PS I'll send a separate post re the phrase wheel and validation.

On Thursday 27 June 2002 12:12 am, you wrote:
> Recently, my brother, Christof and I held the first ad hoc
> "Inofficial GNUmed Summit" here in Leipzig.
> From that I can say that Christof knows what he is talking
> about and seems to have the Right Attitude(tm) towards Open
> Source in general. We would be well advised to partake of his
> expertise. Implementation details aside he has my backing on
> this.
> Personally I would be willing to work on the table layout side
> of things and other such support infrastructure.
> Richard, where would you want such graphics to appear inside
> the GUI ? Where would data be entered ? Do we want a
> tailored Editing Area(tm) for that ? Obviously I start seeing
> the need for Validators being added to gmPhraseWheel.
> In another post I will try to explain more on the background
> of where Christof's proposal is coming from and to what means
> and ends it might lead over here.
> Karsten

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