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From: richard terry
Subject: [Gnumed-devel]
Date: Wed, 3 Jul 2002 08:55:52 +1000

I've started designing the Gui for a contacts manager. This is needed to 
allow integration of a generic form(request) generator into gnuMed. I've 
modelled it after a program I wrote for our local Division of General 
Practice some years ago, after they paid for and tried the commerical 
versions and couldn't tailor them to their needs. It is copied from the 
visual basic version, but with some changes where experience has shown things 
could work better.

I will make both a stand alone interface with toolbar and status bar, and the 
central display panel which can also be plonked on a notebook panel in gnuMed.

I've mucked around with several gui versions last night. Sizer behaviour 
certainly is frustrating and they don't always seem to enlarge consistently,  
(If anyone is interested here I can discuss examples) however the current 
GUI's as shown do enlarge consistently.

The concept behind the Gui is as follows. In General practice when referring 
we using tend to deal with companies as well as individuals. Even many 
private specialists have companies they are employed and advertise under. 

So the database structure allowed linking between companies, branches, 
departments and persons as employees, or database entries just for persons 
all managed via a links table. gnuMed can have the database structure to use 
and modify as seen fit as I own the intellectual property to both the design 
and the database structure. The Division just paid for the development and 
the licence to use as many copies as they needed, and a copy of the code to 
allow them to modify/maintain the program.

Anyway. The screen design under the central viewing port changes slightly 
according to the line of the upper list (will be a grid in production mode) 
one is on, as the two .png's show. If an employee is hightlighted the gui 
will show the employee's name, the company/branch address they work at, and 
the company/branch phone + their private extensions (I'll do that one in the 
next couple of days.

The toolbar in the stand alone version will also be imported into gnuMed to 
replace the lower muti-icon toolbar when the contacts tab is selected.

Comments welcomed quick please, before I get sick of doing this one and move 
onto the next!!!

I will send a copy of the .py files in their various versions for safekeeping 
to ian to plonk in the cvs.


Richard Terry

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