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Re: [Gnumed-devel] gnumed clients under windos

From: Karsten Hilbert
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] gnumed clients under windos
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 09:42:39 +0200
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> Running "python" in my 
> "D:\gnumed\gnumed\gnumed\client\wxpython" directory I get:-
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> snip
> 2002-07-29 13:32:21 [INFO]  (../../client/wxpython\ 
> local time format set to " %Y-%m-%d  %H:%M:%S "
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>  File "", line 171, in ?
>    import gmGuiMain
>  File "D:\gnumed\gnumed\gnumed\client\wxpython\", line 41, in ?
>    import gmLogFrame, gmGuiBroker, gmPG, gmSQLSimpleSearch, 
> gmSelectPerson, gmC
> onf, gmLog, gmPlugin
>  File "D:\gnumed\gnumed\gnumed\client\wxpython\", 
> line 22,
> in ?
>    import gmSQLListControl
>  File "D:\gnumed\gnumed\gnumed\client\wxpython\", 
> line 21, i
> n ?
>    import gmPG, gmLabels, gmLog
>  File "D:\gnumed\gnumed\gnumed\client\wxpython\", line 34, in ?
>    Patients = (_("lastname"), _("firstnames"), _("called"), _("d.o.b"), 
> _("stre
> et"), _("city"), _("urid"))
> NameError: name '_' is not defined
This '_' SHOULD get installed by gmI18N (mentioned in the first
line). It does on my machines (under Linux). I will set up a
Win98SE test machine over the next few days.

Can you rerun gnumed with --debug and send me that log (direct
mail if you so wish) ? I'd like to see what it does inside
gmI18N. It _should_ fall back to the gettext class
Nulltranslations() and install _() anyways ... It seems to
step through it OK, but ...

Another option would be to run


and send me the ensuing gmI18N.log ...

> I am not sure if this is a coding error or CVS problem. I'll delete the 
> files and do a fresh install if you think the code is OK.
It might just be a glitch in coding related to Windows.

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