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From: richard terry
Subject: [Gnumed-devel],
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2002 23:28:51 +1000
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I've uploaded the gmGP_PastHistory and decided to do the familyhistory. Note 
that this is both the data input screen for family history as well as for 
social history (which in the clinical summary screen of my computer at work 
is not editable).

Boy what a crappy job is this gui stuff. Boring++!!!

Had a multitude of problems. Including familyhistory caused the clinical 
summary screen to bomb out loading, till I finally realised there was a name 
conflict in the wxpython directory.

When the clinical history loads, it also loads the family history, but in 
summary form. I had however named this file originally gmGp_FamilyHistory 
(incorrectly!) and it took ages for it to click that I had two files by the 
same name doing different things.

so in summary there are new files
- wxpython/gmGP_FamilyHistorysummary
-patient/gmGP_FamilyHistory (entirely new file)

If you are now confused, join the club. I hope I uploaded the correct ones to 
the correct places and didn't break the CVS!

Karsten, can you delete the gmGP_FamilyHistory file in the wxpython directory 

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