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Re: [Gnumed-devel] Menu example posted to CVS

From: richard terry
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] Menu example posted to CVS
Date: Tue, 6 Aug 2002 11:36:29 +1000

By and large, the click events are only on the line, any other cases I'll ask.
If you want derive a class, feel free and tell me how to use it

On Tuesday 06 August 2002 11:25 am, you wrote:
> > 1)Each menu item needs to be accessed by an ID  and run an event
> This _should_ work as is in the file.
> > 2)In modules with multiple pop up menu's e.g the tabbed lists, a
> > structure needs to be worked out so that when the onrightmouseup event is
> > called, the list_id clicked over is set, so that an if...
> >                                                    else
> >
> > etc construct can be used in the Def onrightmouseup(self,event) to pop up
> > the appropriate menu.
> The cleanest solution would be to derive a class from
> wxListCtrl and act on EVT_LIST_ITEM_RIGHT_CLICKED.
> Do you want to act on items (lines) only or on particular
> columns inside an item as well ?
> Karsten

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