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From: richard terry
Subject: [Gnumed-devel]
Date: Wed, 7 Aug 2002 18:27:24 +1000
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I've started work on this plugin and it loads and puts up its icon (which 
currenly only is says 'ANC'. Tried drawing a pregnancy belly with baby 
without to much success in its initial incarnation!.  Whatever happened to 
the artist who said they would help in the project. Does anyone have his/her 
email address, so I can mail for assistance?

It iss quite different doing, as obviously the 'edit area' 
concept is not applicable, however what I've come up with is great (I think).

Before I dump it to the CVS (probably in about a week as I've just done the 
skeleton) could I have people's ideas please, on how you would like it to 
function and look, what information should be contained.

I'm not going to bias you with my own design, I just want to see what you all 
come up with and try and integrate your ideas with my own. Perhaps they will 
be similar any way.

Malcolm Ireland and I got together today for an hour and discussed the various 
methods of data entry that are currently used and the pro's and con's of what 
works/dosn/t work for clinical SOAP notes/freehand data entry notes for the 
gmClinical Notes module. I'm sort of working on this in my head now, and have 
several concepts running. My brain will work it out by itself as I walk 
around and sleep over the next couple of weeks, before I commit it to code.

The Measurements module is quite easy conceptually to write as I've done it in 
VB, so I can knock that one up in between patients over the next couple of 

There are several mental health things need including specifically, eg 
minimental state, depression rating scales etc. If anyone has experience, 
desires ideas on this mail the list as well.

Hopefully by the end of August most of the major patient modules will be in 
place in the gui, complete with pop up menu's.



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