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[Gnumed-devel] Re: Date entry widget

From: richard terry
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] Re: Date entry widget
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 08:37:08 +1000

> Well, one thing before... I have retrieved the document from 'GnuMed Design
> Document' - Date Entry GUI Widget. Is valid this document for the needed
> specifications? Is there any other document?. I would know it before to
> make the "root stucture of the widget".

Don't know personally, could you fire the question at the gnumed-developers 
list   "gnumed-developers list" <address@hidden> which I assume you 
have joined.

On Tuesday 27 August 2002 8:46 pm, you wrote:
> On Tuesday 27 August 2002 00:40, you wrote:
> > Hi Julio,
> >
> > Sorry no-one has replied, personally I missed your message. Most of us
> > are full time general practitioners/hospital doctors and time is always
> > problematical.
> Don't worry ;)
> > Thanks for persisting. The entry wigit you mention has not been written
> > yet, so if you would like to be involved with our project we would surely
> > welcome you.
> from today, I begin to work :)
> >Don't be put off by the lack of traffic on the list at the
> > moment. Several of the major developers are in the middle of other things
> > eg Ian Haywoood is studying for his final medical year examinations. I'd
> > excpect activity to start on the project in earnest again around October
> > 2002, and we have been hoping to get something functioning by early 2003.
> >
> > Have you downloaded and got the cvs running?
> No, I'm not but i'll do it. ( I have seen some screenshots, and source code
> from CVS, looking for the DateEntry widget :) )

> Julio Jiménez Borreguero
> Spain

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