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Re: [Gnumed-devel] Main Toolbar design

From: Karsten Hilbert
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] Main Toolbar design
Date: Sun, 1 Sep 2002 10:59:08 +0200
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> 1. If notebook pages other than 'patient' are selected, many patient
> related informations keep being displayed (patient photo, allergies, age).
Apart from the photo I don't see how this amounts to "much
patient related information".

A patient sits in front of me. Another is off for having an
X-Ray taken. A third is still open from having started to fill
in that insurance form she's gonna pick up tomorrow. A fourth
is being transferred in as an outside call.

This is a common scenario for me _today_. I don't want to
continually change patients in my GnuMed instance. I want to
have several instances running on several virtual desktops. I
need to be able to quickly associate the instance with the
selected patient. I also need to be reminded of her allergies
right away.

> The widget to search patients and the icons of clearly patient related
> tools (BMI, pregnancy calculator) aren't removed, too. IMHO the small
> number and type of information presented wont be very helpful while
> working in other modules. To see detailed information, one will have to
> change to the 'patient' page, anyway.  IMHO patient related tools should
> only be displayed in the patient context. 
Now, when would that NOT be the case (in the exam room,
anyways) ?

I do, however, agree that it may not really be necessary in
all circumstances to see the BMI/Preg calculators.

And why not grab a handle to guibroker['main.toolbar'] and
temporarily replacing that with your own when you feel so inclined ?

> 2. What is the supposed functionality of the 'Find patient' widget ? If a
> new patient is selected, what should happen ?
IMHO: Pull up a patient record from the database. Depending on
configuration (front-desk/non-front-desk workplace) branch out to
entering new patient manually if not found.

> I would suggest saving the last patients data,
It is probably a better idea to put update events into a queue
as frequently as makes sense. The queue would need a flush(),
too. Server side listen()/notify()s would help, too.

> change to the patient context and open the new one,
> displaying the patient summary.
Yep, reasonable. It may be beneficial to make it an option
what widget to display initially.

> Still, there could be more options. One
> might just like to say "get the next patient on the receptionist's list"
> without having to look up the name.
IF you want to put this functionality into the "Find Patient"
widget part please make it a right-click context menu item and/or a
keyboard accelerator inside the text box.

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