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[Gnumed-devel] Normcurves ready for graphics ... sort of

From: Christof Meigen
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] Normcurves ready for graphics ... sort of
Date: 01 Sep 2002 18:46:17 +0200
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I enjoyed summer holidays last month, but nevertheless 
worked on the normcurves-code a bit.
Though I expect that there will be plenty of extensions,
I think the basic interface will remain pretty stable
and I would encourage GUI-people to play around with

At this time, no "Norm-Manager" does yet exist, which
would act as a broker for the various norms, attach them
to patients, check measurements of patients automatically,

But you can already check single values using
norm.checkValue and you could use norm.getRange,
norm.availableCentiles and norm.valueOfCentile
to draw centiles.

To futher discourage people who would not want to use 
this module but rather the norm-data directly, I
included an example from Acta Paediatrica 86 (1997), where
wheight norms for Turner-girls were published
using logarithmic transformation and spline curves.
This is totally hidden in the implementation and you can use
the functions named above just like on any other

Have fun,

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