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Re: [Gnumed-devel] client, server, centralized, or distributed

From: Karsten Hilbert
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] client, server, centralized, or distributed
Date: Mon, 9 Sep 2002 12:17:28 +0200
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> Is there going to be a server-side  broker / proxy, where clients connect
> and register as callbacks ( centralized),
Not that I know.

> or will there be something like a frontend broker on each client, a DNS or
There is already in

> Naming service on server(s) , where clients get a list of other client's
> frontend addresses, and then communication is distributed /peer-to-peer
> between clients  (distributed) ?
There's two modes of communication for clients:

1) strictly within itself
 This is achieved through gmDispatcher where parts of a client
 register interest in the doings of other parts of the same

2) via the backend the client happens to be connected to
 This works through gmBackendListener. Clients know nothing
 about each other. Client A posts "hey, the lab data for
 patient XY has arrived and is now available". Client B has
 patient XY open and thus listens to backend signals regarding
 this patient. It receives the messages about the newly
 arrived lab data, adds a note to the client's INBOX display
 (bottom left in Clinical Summary) and reloads the lab data for
 this patient into the client cache.

Clients don't communicate directly. This is another matter
entirely. GnuMed is not trying to become Gnutella at the

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