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[Gnumed-devel] google api

From: Tony Lembke
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] google api
Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2003 21:27:50 +1100

I appreciate this is somewhat off topic, but it may have a use in GnuMED at some future time, and it is fairly cool, and I didn't have any one else to tell, and perhaps some of the list haven't seen it. It does fit in with our general principle of 'sharing knowledge', and is a nice model for distributing data. If there was a drug database, or patient handout materials available in a similar way it would be ' a good thing'.

I have been experimenting with the google api,

This allows applications to perform a Google search and receive the results using SOAP. It is pretty neat. A python implementation (pygoogle) is available.

I set it up on php. Once libraries are installed, a php script to display search results is as simple as

require_once('SOAP/SOAP_Google.php') ;
$google =new SOAP_Google('yourAuthenticationKey');
$result= $google -> search (array( 'query' => 'gnumed'  ));
if( false !== $result){
        print "There were ".$result->estimatedTotalResultsCount ." results<p>";
        foreach ($elements as $r) {
                print "<li><a href=" . $r->URL. ">" .$r->title . "</a><br>\r";
        print "<pre>";
        print "</pre>";

        echo 'Query failed.' ;


Tony Lembke

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