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Re: [Gnumed-devel] patient search widget revisited

From: Karsten Hilbert
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] patient search widget revisited
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2003 23:47:59 +0100
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> Just had a play with the wigit

BTW, it currently operates on

last name
first name
patient ID

There's one problem that isn't easy to fix. Imagine the

Halfway through typing a search term I take an urgent call
and open up another application (hence my keyboard focus moves
there). This will in some (!) cases result in the text field
receiving a "lost focus" event (although conceptually the app
lost focus, not the text field within the app). This will
result in the text field discarding my partially typed search
term, redisplaying the previously selected patient (while this
is wanted behaviour when actively tabbing out of the field it
results in dismay when I return to my interrupted search after
handling the urgent call).

This situation has been somewhat mitigated by the ability to
recall the most recently typed search term by tapping
<cursor-up> in the search field. The search term is remembered
when a) focus is lost or b) enter is hit to actually go look
for patients (given I did change the field content and it is
not empty, of course).

> The commonest implementation 
> of search order in Oz (hate it or like it - I hate it) is surname,firstname 
> or part thereof ie hay,ia etc.  I note that is not implemented yet.
But it is ! :-)    (you may need to download the freshest copy)

Type any of
 hay ia
 ia hay
 ia , hay
 ia ; hay

Some variants will take a slightly longer time to complete
then others due to certain assumptions being made about what
the user meant to be what part of the name (which is an i18n
issue as it is dependant upon the culture).

hay, ia usually means last, first
ia hay usually means first last

Thus, typing "ia, hay" will take slightly longer as it will
only produce a result on the second query which switches
last and first. Same for "hay ia".

> In my program I also implement firstname searches by eg: ,susan would bring 
> up a list of all the susan surname entries etc
It so does :-)   Try it ...

> I like the idea of being able to do a mini query in this box such as
> male <40 hay,ia etc or variations therof.
This I have not implemented yet. I am of the opinion that one
should not put too many possibilities in there. There's always
the more sophisticated search widget (the one Horst started to
implement as a plugin) that should be used for the more
complicated queries. However, gender and <40 >40 is debatable.

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