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[Gnumed-devel] on the list again

From: Horst Herb
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] on the list again
Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2003 10:32:05 +1100
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Curse my ISP - apparently the IP numbers including my own accou8nt had been blocked for spamming.

Just noticed that none of my postings from teh past weeks got through to the list.

A few issues:

1.) OSCAR: David and I agreed in Los Angeles in November to cooperate. We will both try to facilitate at least comprehensive import/export functionality, but I am rather aiming at breaking gnumed up further to produce the long awaited independent modules: demographic information, progress notes, pharmaceutical reference, recalls, appointments - all provided via independent "service modules" communicating with each other. So that an OSCAR billing module can talk to a gnumed "appointments" module and both together to an LDAP based demographic module maybe.

I agree that a web interface is not everybodies pie, but it has it's uses and - let's not forget - it has been in daily use for a while now and those using it seem to like it. I would like to cooperate more with them. David has also an interest in, which for me has become number one priority (Ian did most of the programming work so far, but I think I have now achieved quite a lot politically by lobbying and we will be able to tap into a number of ressources soon)

2.) XML-RPC: I waded through stacks of documentation from a few dozen (!) different projects/approaches trying to solve the authentication issue. I came to the seemingly farfetched conclusion that "jabber" would solve many of our problems in a very elegant and non-intrusive "lightweight" way. "Jabber" is a versatile communication protocol able to carry any number of payloads - including XML-RPC - while taking care of authentication in a very comprehensive way. Just finished reading "Programming Jabber" from O'Reilly's - a commendable book, very hands on. Now I'll have to finish the demographic module with a proof-of-concept implementation

3.) Demographic module: (Ian probably will cheer now) I give in and acknowledge that the separation of geographic information from identity related information was unwise, creates more problems than it helps. I would vote for re-uniting them into one common "demographic" module. Somebody should start working on an LDAP compatible front end for our demographic database.

4.) If time allows, I will create a new directory gnumed/RFC/API and submit my module stubs for the demographic API tonight or tomorrow


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