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Re: [Gnumed-devel] recording allergy details

From: richard terry
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] recording allergy details
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2003 07:41:21 +1000
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Could I make a suggestion that perhaps you are working back to front here. We 
Really need to start on a clinical section. However (see note below) as we 
have no drug database, all you really need to display in this window, 
remembering a person can have multiple allergies, is the class name or if 
null, the substance eg eggs

Perhaps prior to recalling the data should be starting from the Allergy 
section and doing the data entry, defining what we need there, saving it back 
to the database and recalling it. However once again NO DRUG DATABASE means 
the whole thing falls over.

Remember that much of the internals of allergy handling is done by the program 
tansparently to the user. Most of the time we will be using a class code 
clinked to the drug database, occasional linking to  drug/disease database, 
and occasionally in vaccination section eg egg allergy.

To go over your fields and relate these to the current input allergy wigit:

Wigit Date = date noted (the program obviously records date recorded)

Wigit Search=type in here e.g trade name of drug. (Currently needs a beter 
name? Brand??I don't really know what to suggest)

This internally then brings in the generic name(s) (really important as many 
allergies even within a class can be generic specific) and the drug class, 
class codes etc

 Aternatively you could search on generic (and the field above Search?name 
Brand etc) may then be null) but this is searched from the database and the 
user should not be allowed to enter any permanant free text here

Wigit Class is automatically put in by the system. I don't think users should 
be allowed to edit this - it is visually important and educational

The Allergy/Sensitivity/Definate radio buttons/check boxes are already there

On this basis I'd make these comments.

For Display on the top bar you really only need the sustance eg 


When I get to work I'll mail you my allergy table which records its data from 
my drug source - MIMS, and put in a couple of allergies one with multiple 
susbstances to show what the screen looks like.


On Sun, 6 Apr 2003 11:59 pm, Karsten Hilbert wrote:
> I am trying to attach the allergies field in the top pane to
> the backend. For that I need a table to pull the data from.
> For that, in turn, we need a table recording allergy details.
> Allergies is one of the known concepts so we need not resort
> to a generic table.
> Clinically, am I missing something import if we have the
> following fields:
>  substance
>   - the thing the patient reacted to
>   - not necessarily the allergenic ingredient
>   - say "Vomex Ratiopharm"
>  allergene
>   - the exact substance that cause the allergy if
>     known
>   - possibly just one of many ingredients
>  description
>   - free text description of reaction
>  certainty (better name needed)
>   - definate/likely
>  reaction type
>   - allergy/sensitivity
>  first observed
>   - if available
>  code
>   - if applicable
>   - ATC for penicilin
>   - NULL for cat's hair
> And of course the usual suspects such as recorded-when,
> recorded-by-whom, id, id_identity, etc.
> If no code is recorded or applicable a string matching search
> can be done against substance and allergene.
> Comments please.
> Karsten

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