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[Gnumed-devel] Pregnancy Calculator was BMI Calc

From: richard terry
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] Pregnancy Calculator was BMI Calc
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2003 16:07:20 +1000

Thanks michael, going great guns.

Now re the preg calculator - I think Ian did that design (no offence ian but 
Ugg!!!). I enclose an aesthetic example which is very functional. The dual 
calender one gives the user too much to look at. The one enclosed is good.

The way it works is this: user either clicks on the calender and the text 
boxes are filled in  showing lmp, gestational age in weeks and days, then edc 
and date 18/52 morphology scan is due.

With the scan one can update edc by filling in the bit below.

Now, this is very basic, and at some point we would need to take into more 
modern advances with ante-natal screening etc, but for the time being this 
calculator will satisfy 99% of most routine pregnancies. Needs buttons to 
save to database etc.

Note, that like the BMI calculator this SHOULD NOT      automatically link to 
patients notes as one often uses these little tools whilst on phone, dealing 
with another patient etc. The doctor/user should activly save the information 
if it is recorded in the currentpatients notes.



On Tuesday 22 April 2003 3:28 pm, you wrote:
> >I've looked at the progress and thanks.
> >
> :)
> :
> >1) Centre the BMI Calc on the screen
> Still on the TODO.  Preg Calculator as far as I know has the same problem.
> The "GnuMed About" window I made is okay... so the solution is at hand.
> I think the fix requires understanding the code in the plugin base class.
> >2) When you calculate the BMI, I would set the slider bar to that value,
> >however I would not set the text boxes beneath that.
> Done. ***
> >3) Can you link the reset buttons to clear the text boxes
> Done.
> >4) At some point we need to do something about the coloured boxes
> >representing the appropriate ranges - I've enclosed another dump of the
> >visual basic template showing how it looks.
> TODO... will require some thinking.
> The code needs some clean-up.  I added comments about where... will look
> into this over the next few days -- unless someone beats me to it.
> *** There is a little quirk in the calculation that is result of rounding.
> if self.height==168 and self.mass==86
>       self.txtbmi = 30.5
>       self.newbmi = 30   <-- LOOKS WRONG (when compared w/ self.txtbmi)
> WHY?
>       true BMI = 30.470521541950113 <-- What appears to be
>                                         an error is a result of rounding!
> There are a few comments regarding this in the code.
> Michael
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