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[Gnumed-devel] widget connecting

From: sjtan
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] widget connecting
Date: 02 Jun 2003 01:33:05 +1000

Ian Heywood wrote:

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On Sun, Jun 01, 2003 at 11:23:10AM +1000, sjtan wrote:
> I added code so it creates a allergy health issue if
> one doesn't exist for the current patient or use
> the existing allergy health issue, 

We are still debating the method by which the client will 
communicate with the backend -- but direct SQL
calls from the client probably aren't part of that.

By all means try to connect widgets, but be mindful thatt
this code will have to be moved into the business objects, and may need
to be re-written.


I've downloaded Pyro and Fnorb and Omni , awaiting a decision. Why not
just convert gmTmpPatient to a remote object ?

Or maybe K and you write a business framework specification
(no coding, just interfaces , in python , rpc IDL, corba IDL ) , and
then toss it around for committee review until everyone agrees this is
what is wanted.

(couldn't take much longer than the constant stops and starts 
at hacking out connection code).

Why do we keep re-writing code that works in a basic sort of way?

It would be good if some sort of versioning control , or plan could be
done e.g. 
spiral model:
        cycle 1 : put out the poor man's MD. Stores and prints scripts, notes,
and a few lists , prints letters, enforces a investigation follow up

        cycle 2 : put out the poor man's MD and fix the bugs, add a few
        useful clinical guideline documents ( that may or may not infringe
copyright )
        cycle 3 : upgrade the backend to a Barnum's circus of OpenEHR accepting
ehr, decision support  , XML export/import with
        multiple data translation tables for all sorts of schemas, and schema
versions. (maybe cycle 3 - 10).

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