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[Gnumed-devel] Problems w/ PNG

From: Michael Bonert
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] Problems w/ PNG
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2003 09:46:22 -0400 (EDT)

Elizabeth Dodd:
>I can read any of the detail on the .png file. Could you send
>another one (maybe just to me and richard and sian) at higher
>resolution, because I can??t comment on it when I can??t read it
I'm feeling a bit dumbfounded; I don't understand why you're
having problems.

Also, I am actually not sure how to increase the resolution.
The png I made is just a simple snapshot.

I think the easiest solution is just to guide you through the
demo.  Also, it might give you a better feel for what OSCAR
has done... and what ideas we ought to borrow. :-)

        (click through the security stuff)
User Name: oscardoc
Password: mac2002
Pin: 1117

You should then see the calander.  By default OSCAR loads
the current date.  Odds are the current date is empty and
pretty boring.

Change the date (it appears at top left) to June 18, 2003 --
the easies way to do this is to:
click on the word "Calendar" beside the current date and then
select the desired date (June 18, 2003) in the pop-up calendar.

After changing the date you should see
"Yessp, Jenni" scheduled to see "David Chan" at 10:15

Beside the text "Yessp, Jenni" is the text: " |E |-B|M|Rx "

Click on the "E" (it stands for "Encounter") and an encounter pop-up
should appear.

Let me know if you're having problems.


>The man who can smile when something goes wrong has thought of
>someone he can blame it on
>                -- Fundamental Law of Thermodynamics n??3
You know what the 3rd law is? 

Thermodynamics' top three in every day language (and 
how I remember 'em):

1. No free lunches. (can't create energy)
2. Best you can do is break even. (best you can do is break even on energy
3. You can't even break even.  (you can't break even... entropy must

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