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[Gnumed-devel] Introduction(s)

From: jmackenz
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] Introduction(s)
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2003 22:38:27 +1000

Greetings GnuMedders,

This is my first posting to the list, therefore a brief introduction:

I am a full time GP (Monash 1974 graduate) with a small practice 
on the Mornington Peninsula, to the south of Melbourne, Australia. 
Unfortunately, my IT experience is only as an amateur hobbyist, 
but I believe that GnuMed is much needed and would like to help 
in some way - perhaps in an administrative role.

My first task can therefore be to confirm that RMITU (the Royal  
Melbourne Institute of Technology University) has given approval 
for my son David's Uni group of 6 students to take on GnuMed 
development for their 3-semester project.  They are in their 4th 
year of their 5-year Computer Science-Engineering double 
degree, and this project takes them up the end of their 5th and 
final year.

After recently meeting Horst, their first task will be to help 
with the development of the open source drug database at  which is a core requirement for 
prescription writing and clinical support.  They are at 
present installing Linux and GnuMed, getting their 
developers' usernames and passwords, and of course 
will soon be subscribing to these email listservers.  

Their names are:
David Mackenzie (Aussie)
Alan Skorkin (Ukrainian)
Adrian Cretu-Barul (Romanian)
Christian Seely (Lebanese)
Ben James (Aussie dad, Italian mother), and 
Ajay Raipathi (Singaporean)

We look forward to helping get GnuMed up and 
running ... I of course will mainly be supplying pizza, 
coffee and other essentials to the above named, 
and will probably post an occasional email when 

Best wishes to all,

John Mac 

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