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Re: [Gnumed-devel] roadmap

From: Ian Haywood
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] roadmap
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2003 07:26:48 +1000

On Sun, 27 Jul 2003 18:16:58 +0200
Karsten Hilbert <address@hidden> wrote:

> referrals handling
>  - referral form (Germany)
This and prescription can use a common "forms engine" for printing at 
particular points on the page. I have some early code for this
hanging around somewhere. 
>  - accompanying referral letter
Export to only AbiWord (or KWord?, which do we prefer?) for now, plugins for 
other formats can be added later.
As an aside, how much demand for a LaTeX option?
> prescription
As a starter 4 fields:
        - drug name, with auto-complete from database 
        - strengths, drop-down from the list in the database
        - frequency. Recognises both "German"  and "Latin" notation. 
German: 4 integers for the 4 times during the day, separated by slashes, so 4 
times a day is "1/1/1/1", one morning , 2 at night is "1/0/2/0"
Latin: m=mane, i=midi n=nocte, b=BD t=TDS, q=QID. So "2m" is 2 tabs mane, "1q" 
is 1 tab QID, "2m+2.5i" is 2 mane and 2 & a half midi
        - directions. Free comment fields, auto-translation to vernacular for 
standard Latin abbreviations: PP, OU, AU, etc.
FUTURE: remembers previous values for a particular drug 
OPTIONAL: a "prescribing diagnosis" field which saves as an episode. 
Prints outs using "forms engine" to specific page points. Scripts will be 
lawful in Australia as simple PBS scripts: name, address, Medicare number,
 and prescriber number. RPBS, brand-substition, Private scripts are all for 
future version. 
[Karsten: how can we quarantine these bureaucratic aspects, which go beyond 
simple translation, or do we need to fork prescription modules for each 
country, sharing a common codebase?]

notes viewer
 - tree widget on the left side: health issues[1] and then episodes[2] in a 
 - drop down boxes across top for limiting by month/year etc.
 - display of clinical notes on the right
1: an ongoing health problem: COPD, niddm, etc. ~= past history
2: a circumscribed clinical problem, may still span several consults: viz. 
infective exacerbation COPD ~= problem list
> past history/problem list
>  - problem list only, really, since past history is either
>    covered by 2) or not yet wanted (paper record)
>  - problem list: some conceptual obfuscation as to how
>    episodes overlap with diagnoses and problem lists
>  - in a way, episode names *are* the problem list
Points taken. See "Notes viewer" section, for now this can supersede a separate 
"past history" widget (although I appreciate past history
usually refers to inactive problems).


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